Hi, I'm Michiel Sikkes. I'm the co-founder and CTO at Firmhouse, a company that helps founders and companies launch new businesses and products, via it's online product collection (Dispatch, Airstrip, and GoMonthly), entrepreneurship program Venture Lab, and consultancy services.

    Lately, our company focuses specifically on helping companies launch subscription, recurring, and memberhip models for their products and services. For example, we help Philips launch several physical health and personal care products "as a service" by having consumers pay a monthly price instead of buying a device.

    As part of my day job I'm leading our product roadmaps together with the rest of the whole team, and I lead the engineering direction together with my awesome team of product designers and (frontend) developers. Besides these management activities, I'm a pretty solid Ruby on Rails developer and take the lead in our infrastructure management and DevOps efforts.

    I'm also overseeing our security, IT risk, and compliance efforts and I make sure that our enterprise customers can trust us with the personal data of their customers by defining our own infrastructure and security policies and setup.

    I've done my fair share of work in the open source community and in my early days I used to be an active collaborator on the Debian, Ubuntu, and Gnome projects. Nowadays I work on several open source products and RubyGems like:

    • Intercity - A web based control panel to provision and deploy apps on Dokku instances
    • AuthActivity - A drop-in gem for Ruby on Rails apps that helps you log and monitor authentication and authorization attemps like: (failed) logins, password resets, password changes, etc.

    In my personal life I'm a young dad of a wonderful daughter and a newborn son, and husband to my beautiful wife. I enjoy being in nature and around trees a lot :)