New book: Demand-Side Sales by Bob Moesta

Building Me Sep 23, 2020

I just bought a book. Two days ago, I saw the announcement post from the author. I immediately browsed to Amazon. Today, the book arrived. Pretty rad for a book that was just released two days ago.

Demand-Side Sales by Bob Moesta is a book about applying Job to be Done thinking to Sales. I'm interested in this because I've experienced that in the business(es) that I'm in, sales is the most important factor to get kickstarted. Organic marketing and a great solution alone just doesn't cut it.

As a product person and CTO, I'm normally also dispositioned against traditional sales. I think it's pushy and most of the time sales people are just selling to reach their targets, instead of helping their customers.

This book is about just that: Selling products without doing "sales".

I'm going to dive in. See you on the flipside.


Michiel Sikkes

I'm the co-founder and CTO at Firmhouse, a software platform to run Product as a Service and Hardware as a Service business models.

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