Popping and clicking with the Røde VideoMic GO

My short explanation of the Rode Videomic GO clicking and popping interference. Review: Buy the VideoMicro instead.

Popping and clicking with the Røde VideoMic GO

It looks great. But the audio is awful.👇

It's not that the audio quality is bad - I think it's actually quite good for this price point. But damn. WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. You can literally hear the signal as background noice. (check sample video below)

So if you came here by Google or some social media platform with keywords like VideoMic GO and clicking or hissing or tapping or popping then here's some answers. And some fixes and alternatives you can try. (scroll down below)

Quick background:
I just bought a new video kit for doing more with video on the job and make nicer looking videos and photos of family life and my kids. I decided to buy a Canon EOS M50 in combination with the Røde VideoMic GO.

Here's my first test footage discovering the problem:

I thought: what the heck is going on. This is a brand new microphone, straight out the box, properly connected on top of the HotShoe of the camera.

I first suspected some mechanical autofocus malfunctional in the camera. This was not it.

Upon Googling I quickly found out that other people had this problem. Words to describe it: clicking, hissing, tapping. It's a shame that no 100k+ vlogger indicated this problem in their comparisons so I had to delve into page 2+ of the search results.

So here are the fixes and alternatives

  • Wrap the end of the VideoMic GO in aluminum foil 😅🤣 Sad, but true.  So that supports the Interference hypothesis.
    This slightly weird YouTube video shows it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edtz2dohsSA&t=12s
  • Return it. Don't buy it. Buy the cheaper Røde VideoMicro instead. There's a bunch of reviews actually praising the VideoMicro as being better than the Videomic GO. So why bother?
  • Never travel near human civilization again. Filming in the grand nature without any humans or signars near will probably fix your problem. Better go record some awesome landscapes!
  • Beatbox it, and just make it part of your style. 😎

I went for the VideoMicro

I bought the Røde VideoMicro, the next day and all troubles were resolved. It looks a little bit weird, but it's cheaper. And it works. Here's my setup: