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The MacBook Pro is back!

My MacBook Pro TouchBar is back. Now without sticky keys.
The MacBook Pro is back!

Awww, yes! I'm finally back on my 13" Macbook Pro TouchBar. I turned it in for repairs 2 weeks ago. They told me repairs would take at least 5 weeks. I just got it back today. This after procrastinating turning it in for repairs for over a year.

I must be lucky!

Over a year ago when I bought this Macbook Pro, problems already arose within days.   Keys started to behave badly and I found myself backspacing more than actually productively typing code or writing Basecamp messages.

This was all before Apple officially recognised that something was even wrong with their keyboards. And it was only in the beginning of the media and blogging outrage that indicated a major issue.

The problems with the keyboard started being so bad that I was carrying a separate Apple Keyboard with me all the time and basically used my laptop as external display.

After Apple formally announced their free repair program, I decided to buy a pre-retina Macbook Air as a replacement laptop for the repair duration. I loved it so much that I was postponing turning the Macbook Pro in. The fact helped that I couldn't get an appointment at one of the official Apple stores in The Hague, Haarlem, or Amsterdam.

So two weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger and delivered my Macbook Pro at my local official Apple reseller for repairs. They said it would took 5 weeks on average. As mentioned it only took 2 weeks. Rad.

Now lets put that extra CPU and RAM to use. The Macbook Air was great. But my local Rails development server did miss some proper Pro juice to work with.